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Husky is the first level of the game.

airplane summary:The plane starts shaking.Another soldier says that the enemy attacked,but it was their own gunmen.another soldier starts bleeding and says he's okay.2 other soldiers die in the plane.

Destroy the turrets:and on the top of the mayor's residence.Go to that cabin and kill the enemies.go to the turret and com-b charge but dont stay near it or you will die.samething for the other.and samething for other's

Rescue the snipers.Yoi will be called to the locked gate which is now unlocked.There will be advanced enemies.use a strong gun to kill them or sneak up on them so they cant see you.kill all and head the the double storey building.on the second storey you will find the snipers.then you have to take a sniper and kill the enemy commander.

Kill the 3 enemy commander's:There will be more enemies but you must use your pistol because for the other two you run out of bullets.find them and kill them one at the entrance and one at the 2nd floor and one on the roof.

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